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Sarah Pellicano - All For You
Eastghost - Voyeur
Glimpse - Vision
iamyank - We now sleep with all lights on
Fractures - Won't Win (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)
LUUUL - Illuminate ft. Amanda Roi (HugLife remix)
Electus - Beyond The Sky
Honeyruin - Pluviophile
Bisweed - Dusty Shadows
Dreamcatcher - Chill Mix HD
Fear Club & Ashley Garcia - Your Eyes (Handbook Remix)
Max Elto - Shadow Of The Sun (Hernz Remix)
Noosa - Clocktower (Sound Remedy Remix)
Marsbeing - Desire
The Weeknd - Often (Original Mix)
Flarve - Yearning
Culprate feat. CoMa & Koda - Undefined
Madeaux - Body Collision ft. Shelley Harland (lyrics)
Stumbleine ft. Violet Skies - Her Touch (Sun Glitters Remix)
LuQuS - You