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James Lewis - Aurea
Donna Dee - Invisible War (Instrumental)
Chime Garlands - Aurora (feat. Oceanically)
Chime Garlands - Forget Her
Escape Sequence - Sepia
Diplo - Revolution (ANDRU Remix)
Henry Krinkle - Liu
ODESZA - Say My Name feat. Zyra (Emancipator Remix)
Reaktion - City By Night
Babel - Incredibly Close feat. Wrenn
Deep Asleep! - Vibes (Original Mix)
Eli Muro - Orphan's Son ft. Meghan Eliza
Shelter Point - Cut Me Loose
Morphable - Anything
Velvetine - Safe (We Are All Astronauts Remix)
LoneMoon x Dasta - Wait
Monrroe. - Disparate Lives
Handbook - Satin Skin
Maximus MMC - White Lies
Sable feat. Kele - The One